Texacal Associates operates as dedicated Sales Consultants serving as an extension of our Principals’ organizations; not as a sales agent.

We describe the model for this as perhaps halfway between a direct employee and a representative. Texacal handles all aspects of the sales cycles from lead development through closing the order, contract negotiations, and after sales follow-up.

We participate in regular sales meetings, reporting, etc. with our Principal’s home office; same as any other sales executive would in their organization.  We normally report to a single, executive-level contact point in the Principal’s organization, and communicate within their organization, according to internal procedures.

Texacal offers several alternative plans of cooperation ranging from one to four people dedicated  to sales, up to a full network of personnel who would sell and in some cases support the Principal’s products and services globally. We strive to define as expeditiously as possible a success strategy to gain early sales results and build upon early customer successes to further “grow the business” through repeat orders.

We also discuss and agree on budgets and other guidelines early in the relationship with a new Principal.  We want to be successful while being highly cost-effective.

Texacal Associates, through our USA and independent international offices, and network of local alliance partners, have the ability to offer local technical support and project execution services internationally.